Buses and Transportation

When you are considering a school for your child, be sure to think about the options for getting them to and from school each day.  If you live fairly close to the school, you might not mind driving them, but if that's not possible, you can consider the school bus service if it's offered.

students-busMost schools here offer a bus service that is organised externally through a bus company.  You will usually have to submit a request form to the company (the school usually has the forms and submits them to the company on your behalf).  You will need to ask about the fees since bus transportation comes with an additional cost (around 8,000 AED per year).  Bus fees can usually be paid in installments but be sure to find out all the information from each school directly.

Ensure that you also ask how long the bus ride to and from school will be.  In some cases, and depending where you live, children can be on the bus for up to one hour or more.  This is an important factor that many parents use to determine whether they will use the bus service or simply drive their child into school themselves.

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