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Established in 2005, Al-Mizhar American Academy (AAM), Taaleem owned school, was developed to provide a nurturing and rigorous American education for girls aged 3 to 18 years. The largest student body consists of Emirati girls and the key reason for choosing the US curriculum was inspired by the American philosophy to educate the individual, who in-turn contributes to their community and beyond. The Common Core curriculum offers students multiple perspectives of life, both from the past and the 21st century, which they can draw upon as they move from childhood into their adult lives.

Embedded in the Common Core curriculum are opportunities for students to develop socially, emotionally and academically. Al-Mizhar American Academy is committed to recognizing and addressing each student’s strengths and needs, from the time they enter our school to their graduation. In an all-girls’ environment, our students focus on developing their individual voice, perspectives and opinions. During these formative years, their views of what constitutes a well-educated and well-balanced young woman are free of the influences often present in a co-educational school. Our students are empowered to apply their new knowledge and views in a safe and nurturing environment.

Providing a single-gender setting, girls are more apt to take risks and be enthusiastic. Certain boundaries vanish, they embrace sports and are more self-expressive. They feel comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions, while taking part in debates and conversations with great confidence.  This allows them to build self-esteem. In other words, a more relaxed and focused environment provide all the right ingredients for a successful educational journey.

 One strong advantage to our school is that curriculum can be tailored to suit a single gender class, where teachers can design lessons that have a high potential in reaching students with particular values. Studies have proved boys and girls learn differently. To illustrate an example; "girls relate to logic differently from boys, where girls are better listeners; therefore more receptive to details, while boys seek justification to support an argument."

Many of our students have studied medicine, engineering and veterinary science at their chosen universities.We offer a challenging and rigorous education within a nurturing environment, ensuring that students at Al-Mizhar American Academy are well prepared for their future plans.

KHDA School Inspection Report Rating for 2016-2017: GOOD.  Click here to see all KHDA Inspection Reports for this school.  










  • Grades/Year-Levels Offered : PreK - Grade 12
  • Curricula Used : US Common Core Standards
  • Leaving Certificates/Qualifications/Diploma : American High School Diploma
  • Number of Years in Operation : 11-20 Years
  • Profit/Not-For Profit : For-Profit
  • Fees : 39, 886 - 62,176 Dhs
  • Company/Owner of School : Taaleem
  • How would you Best Describe your School : Well-Rounded School (eg. emphasis on academics is balanced with a variety of other expectations; the school meets a diverse range of students)
  • What kind of Student is Suited to this School : Since we are a single-gender learning environment, our ideal, female students are responsible members of the school, local, and global community. We believe in the following attributes being essential as our students' learning profile: Caring, Innovative, Inquiring, Reflective, Spirited, Empowered, Principled, Knowledgeable, Communicative, Open-Minded, Inclusive and Balanced. Research has been conducted to explore and verify the benefits of a single gender school. No doubt when you have an encouraging and flourishing environment, girls thrive.
  • Special/Additional Programmes : The Advanced Placement, commonly known as AP, is a program from the United States and Canada that is externally monitored by the College Board, a highly respected organization that connects students to college success and opportunity. Our many Advanced Placement courses offer college level curricula and examinations to high school students, giving our students an opportunity to gain college credit and to experience the rigor of college level courses, within the nurturing environment of AAM. Extra Curricular in Sports and CHIPS program which covers sets of skills under the following categories: Creative Happiness Innovation Pioneering and Spirited.
  • Support for Students with Special Learning Needs : Yes - upon individual review, support services are free
  • Support for Students Learning English as an Additional Language : Yes - Based upon individual assessment - English support is free
  • Is there a Gifted and Talented Programme for Advanced Students : Yes - for limited grades/years
  • Does the School have Scheduled Tours : Parents can do that either by calling the School Admissions Office or alternatively they can book tours on our page on