Arcadia Preparatory School

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Arcadia Preparatory School is a new school which opened in 2016. It provides a British education for primary pupils from FS1 – Year 6.  Arcadia is a forward-thinking school which combines traditionalism with innovation. Arcadia aims to become an 'Exclusively Apple School' which is granted to schools with outstanding leadership, innovation and academic excellence.

Arcadia's academic programmes are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for England but there are numerous initiatives aimed to enrich the learning experiences of the students.  For example, the 'Enrichment Programme' is delivered within the school day and offers activities led by coaches and experts, homework support by teachers as well as a variety of enrichment programmes offered by the school's teachers.  The School also offers an 'Early Years Explorers Programme' which emphasises young students' natural curiosity for learning. 

Arcadia Preparatory School is an inclusive school and academic support is a priority. An After-school Care Club is available for FS students at an additional cost.

School uniforms, textbooks and access to the Enrichment Programme are all included in the school fees.  Students joining in the 2016 – 2017 school year will be able to access a 30% discount which will be continued each year for the duration of their enrollment at Arcadia. 

KHDA Inspection Report 2016-2017: Not Yet Rated

  • Grades/Year-Levels Offered : FS1 - Year 6
  • Curricula Used : English National Curriculum
  • Leaving Certificates/Qualifications/Diploma : Not Applicable
  • Number of Years in Operation : First Year
  • Profit/Not-For Profit : For-Profit
  • Fees : 60,000 - 69,000 Dhs
  • Special/Additional Programmes : Arcadia Preparatory School offers a variety of additional programmes during in-school time based on the Enrichment Learning Programme; Pupils in Years 1-4 are able to enrol in 4 sessions per week and those in FS can participate in one activity per week. Each term, new activities are added and parents can select preferred options.
  • Support for Students with Special Learning Needs : Yes - upon individual review, support services are free
  • Support for Students Learning English as an Additional Language : Yes - Based upon individual assessment - English support is free