Clarion School

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Clarion first opened its doors to students in 2016 and its purpose built campus is located in Al Quoz area of Dubai.

Their unique curriculum is developed in collaboration with the renowned US-based Bank Street College of Education and based on the curriculum framework of the Bank Street School for Children.  Our standards are aligned to NY State Standards including the Common Core +15.

The curriculum has been developed to ensure that learning is relevant, engaging, challenging and ultimately meaningful to a child. Our approach to curriculum is constructivist allowing for strong personalization of learning, helping to support the needs of each child. It allows for a cultural and linguistic responsiveness, as well as an emergent element that allows teachers to finely articulate the curriculum throughout the year in direct response to the prior learning and backgrounds of our students, while reflective of their interests, needs and strengths.

KHDA Inspection Report 2016-2017: Not Yet Rated

  • Grades/Year-Levels Offered : Currently: Pre-K (3 Year Olds) to Grade 4 (9-10 Year Olds); In the future, we will have a Pre-K-12 school
  • Curricula Used : US Common Core Standards DP (IB Diploma Programme) American Progressive Curriculum
  • Leaving Certificates/Qualifications/Diploma : American High School Diploma IB Diploma
  • Number of Years in Operation : First Year
  • Profit/Not-For Profit : For-Profit
  • Fees : 43,000 – 76,000
  • Company/Owner of School : Scholars International Group
  • How would you Best Describe your School : Well-Rounded School (eg. emphasis on academics is balanced with a variety of other expectations; the school meets a diverse range of students)
  • What kind of Student is Suited to this School : We prepare children to take full advantage of life’s opportunities as collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community. We develop active learners who are passionate, curious and think critically in a rapidly changing world. At Clarion we believe the strong foundational skills of literacy, numeracy and science are critical. We nurture intellectual curiosity, reflection and conceptual thinking through an innovative and progressive curriculum. Our curriculum allows for children from traditional schools and education to do well in the experiential curriculum. Through cultivated intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, a Clarion student can adapt to traditional schooling should they need to and flourish in a progressive school.
  • Special/Additional Programmes : Co-Curriculars are held after school for students in K1 onwards. Our variety of activities extends the learning and opens up our students to a variety of new experiences and interests. Co-Curriculars are offered in three blocks of 10 weeks which enable students to attend a greater variety of activities over the course of the year. Programs are offered in the following areas: Academics, Athletics, Arts (Performing and Visual) as well as Community. Co-Curriculars support the development and interests of the children and so will change as needed. In K1 and K2 we have: Dance, Gymnastics, EAL Support, Soccer, Swimming, Lego, Arts and Crafts and Adventure playground. From Grades 1-3 students can join: Music, Arts and Crafts, Swimming, Soccer, Baseball, EAL Support, Puzzle Club, Strategy Games, Book Club, Dance and Gymnastics.
  • Support for Students with Special Learning Needs : Yes - upon individual review, support services are at an additional cost
  • Support for Students Learning English as an Additional Language : Yes - Based upon individual assessment - English support is free
  • Is there a Gifted and Talented Programme for Advanced Students : Yes - for all grades/years
  • Does the School have Scheduled Tours : Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am. Book by using our online form at: