Collegiate American School

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Established in 2011, CAS is an American curriculum international school which offers education from Pre-K to Grade 10.  CAS is one of several schools run and owned by Innoventures Education (Dubai International Academy, Raffls World Academy, Raffles International School).  In the coming years, Grade 11 and Grade 12 will be added. Graduating students receive an American diploma and the school will add the 'IB Diploma Programme' as an additional option for students. The school follows the "Common Core" curriculum for Mathematics and English alongside the New York Standards for all subjects. The Early Years' programs follow standards from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Students at CAS participate in learning activities which empahsize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) approaches along with inquiry-based learning and real-world learning. 

The Student Services Department supports an inclusive environment for students who may have English as another Language (ESL/ELL), a physical disability, a learning disability, social/emotional needs in addition to those learners who may be advanced or "gifted and talented." 

KHDA School Inspection Report Rating for 2016-2017: GOOD.  Click here to see all KHDA Inspection Reports for this school. 

  • Grades/Year-Levels Offered : PreK - Grade 10 (with subsequent grades being added)
  • Curricula Used : US Common Core Standards
  • Leaving Certificates/Qualifications/Diploma : American High School Diploma
  • Number of Years in Operation : 3-5 Years
  • Profit/Not-For Profit : For-Profit
  • Fees : 28,200 - 69,000 Dhs
  • Company/Owner of School : Innoventures Educational Investments
  • How would you Best Describe your School : Well-Rounded School (eg. emphasis on academics is balanced with a variety of other expectations; the school meets a diverse range of students)
  • Special/Additional Programmes : CAS offers a wide variety of After-School Activities for all students. Many activities are provided by teachers and others are offered by external providers.
  • Does the School have Scheduled Tours : Timings: Tours start every working day from Sunday to Thursday at 12 pm. The guided tour will take approximately 30 minutes and includes a question and answer session.